Lethbridge and Area Snow / Sno Cone Machine Rental - $75.00

Sno Snow cone machine rental

A staple of the fairground for years, but now you don’t have to wait till Whoop-Up days to enjoy a delicious Sno Cone. Our Sno Cone machine is a heavy duty unit that can shave 500 pounds of ice in 1 hour. Unfortunately if you eat that many sno cones at once you will get severe brain freeze! However they are so delicious though it is worth the risk.

Lethbridge Sno Cone Machine Rental - Just $75.00

Rates: Sno / Snow Cone Machine Rental ——$75.00


every 50 servings (syrup and cones) is just $18

Sno / Snow cone syrup 500ml (approx 16 servings per bottle) $4.50

Sno / Snow Cone syrup 3.79L ————————————$25.00

Flavors available are: Grape, Lime, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry,  Cherry, Orange

Sno / Snow Cone Cups 50pack ————————————$6.00

Rental is per day however, when available, most prices quoted are for ONE-THREE day period, and FRIDAY TO MONDAY ON WEEKENDS. Please call us for long term rates. Prices are subject to change without notice. In most cases equipment rentals must be booked and reserved at least one week in advance. Additions made within 3 days of your order are subject to availability. A valid credit card and government issued Identification is required for security. Deposit is collected during reservation only if another party has expressed an interest in renting the same item at the same time period. If a deposit is made, deposit is non refundable. Full payment for rental must be made at pick up.

PLEASE CALL FOR A SPECIFIC QUOTE. Delivery in the City of Lethbridge is $20 for drop off and $20 for pick up. Charges will vary by distance and time restraints, weekends, or holidays. This is for “tailgate” delivery, which means our driver will unload your order to a single, convenient ground level location, such as garage, front door or driveway, unless previously arranged and billed.  Our driver will unload and stack your order, but not carry it inside and set up.  After use, your order should be repacked and restacked in the same location as delivered. 

You are responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery to the time of return. You will be charged a replacement cost for missing or broken equipment.