Bachelorette Party Supplies

Tableware & Decorations

9in Plate- 8pk

$2.50 ea

7in Plate- 8pk

$3.00 ea

Luncheon napkin- 16pk

$3.00 ea

Beverage napkins- 16pk

$2.50 ea

pecker confetti - $.00

girls night confetti - $3.00

Luncheon napkins- 16pk $3.00 ea

7in plate- 8pk $2.50 ea

9in plate- 8pk $3.00 ea

Paper cups- 8pk $2.00 ea

Table cover- $4.00 ea

Luncheon napkins- 16pk

$2.00 ea

Beverage napkins- 16pk $2.00 ea

7in plate- 8pk $2.00 ea

9in plate- 8pk $2.25 ea

Paper cups- 8pk $2.00 ea

Beverage napkins- 16pk


Caution Bitches! tape

20ft $5.50 ea

Caution Party Zone tape

50 ft $3.50 ea

Bachelorette Party banner

9ft $2.50 ea

here comes the bride banner

9ft - $2.50 ea

Spinning party light

4.5in $8.50 ea

X-rated balloons

6pk $13.00 ea

Foil balloon

$3.50 ea

bride to be balloon

$3.50 ea

Balloons- 10pk

$4.00 ea

bridal balloon

$3.50 ea


Wedding ribbons

bridal party ribbons - $2.50 ea

pecker candy bracelet

$6.00 ea

Bride to be sash $3.50 ea

Bride to be sash $3.50 ea

bride tiara viel


Bride to be sash $3.50 ea

MOH sash $3.50 ea

Pecker inspector badge

pink lei


Mini bride to be cowboy hat

with veil

$3.50 ea

bride to be beads $3 ea

misc beads - $2 ea


X-Rated Drinking Straws

10pk $8.50 ea

X-rated shooter

$4.00 ea

Jumbo X-rated straw

$4.00 ea

Games & Additional Novelties

Bachelorette Ultimate Party Kit


Pin the Macho on the Man

$12.00 ea

Mr & Mrs Trivia Game

$12.00 ea

X-rated sword fight game

set of 2

$25.00 ea

ladies night dare dice


What the F*ck

Drinking game

$20.00 ea

Strap-on ring toss

$30.00 ea

Secret missions

$20.00 ea

Adult charades

480 cards

$20.00 ea


6ft X-rated inflatable

$25.00 ea

Bachelorette Party Mugshots

100+ activities

$20.00 ea

X-rated ring toss

$13.00 ea

X-rated cookie cutters

pack of three

$8.50 ea

The best part of getting married besides the reception party is the Bachelorette party of course. Girls get to have a great time out on the town and Party Central Party Supplies has all the Bachelorette Party Supplies you will need right here in Lethbridge. Unfortunately we can't show you everything we have because it is too risque but rest assured if you are looking for the best Bachelorette Party Supplies in town you have found the place. So come on down to Party Central Party Supplies at 254 13 St North Lethbridge and get your Bachelorette Party started right!!!